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Man V Food

Welcome to the home of Wakefield's finest food challenges. However strong you think you are, we are sure to stretch your ability to the max with our challenges.

Showcasing one incinerator and one gluttony challenge a month keep your eyes peeled to Facebook to see your favourite challenge pop up.

We have had people from all over England come to try and tame our beasts, with a handful of competitors succeeding. It is always fun watching someone push themselves to the edge of sanity. Come down today to see if you can join the hall of fame or whether you will fail and join the majority on the hall of shame.

All of our challenges have a time limit and the meal must be completely finished.



… A challenge which will surely test the strength of your belt line. These challenges are made to test endurance and stamina, lets see if you have what it takes to tackle these mountains of food

Scooby snack

… A two foot long sandwich served with fries and slaw. The sandwich is topped with everything the chef can get his hands on, including pulled pork beef brisket, burgers, sausages, onion rings, cheese – 25 mins

Grill pit combo

… 16oz steak, chicken breast, pulled pork, beef brisket, Cumberland sausages fries , corn on the cob and slaw – 20 mins


… All of our to challenges are combined with our in house hot sauce reaching anything up to 10,000,000 scoville units and no drink is allowed through out the challenge and 5 mins after the last bite is taken.

Hot wings

… 7 hot wings in 10mins

Chilli cheese steak

… An 8oz steak smothered with cheese and hot sauce. 15 mins

Beef chilli

… Chilli beef with our secret sauce added to give it that extra kick, 4 bowls in 15 mins

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